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Logging In to Google Apps:
Email is Password: Same as logging into computer.

Connecting your Smartphone or Tablet to Google Apps:
You can connect your Android, iOS, or Windows Mobile phone or table to Google Apps to sync your email, calendar, and documents with Google Apps.

Changing Passwords:

Whenever you change your network password, everything else changes also. Do not change your password in Google.

Missing some Email?
Check spam folder: 7 days archived. If you do not have a spam folder, go to Settings/Labels and show spam. Unfortunately we are unable to track or recover missing emails.

I want to click an Email address and have it open in Google Mail:
Please follow these instructions from the Google help site: 
Then make sure in your gmail settings that Offline Mail and Keyboard Shortcuts are both enabled (on).

For all Google issues concerning Google Mail, Google Docs, etc, please...
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