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Missing H: Drive
Restart computer. H: drive only appears on district-owned computer equipment. Personal (one-to-one) devices will not have an H: drive. Persons with personal devices should move their files on a usb memory stick.

Missing Files on Network
To expedite file recovery, please be sure to specify the exact file name and date you last saw the file when submitting your request. 

Missing Files on Google Drive
Unfortunately we are not able to recover files accidentally removed from Google Drive.

Missing Files on Laptops, Personal Devices, or USB Memory Sticks
Unfortunately the IT department is not able to create backups of any files that you may have on your school issued laptop, personal laptop, personal device, or USB memory stick. Therefore the IT departments regrets that it cannot recover missing files these types of devices. We encourage you to make your own backups of your files by storing a copy in Google Drive.

If the issue persists, please...
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