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iPrint (use Internet Explorer "Run as administrator")

I need to Install a Printer...
Use the Internet Explorer browser to visit the iPrint website and click the printer you want to install. If using Windows 7 or 8, you must right click Internet Explorer and choose "Run as Administrator". If this is the first time installing a printer, you will be prompted to install the iPrint client - please accept all security prompts, etc, to allow a successful installation. (After the iPrint client is installed, please restart your browser and continue on with installing printers.)

Installing a Printer is not working!
Do not use Chrome to install iPrint printers - it won't work! We recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox for installing iPrint printers. 

I get an error "No printer driver available"...
Submit a help ticket - be sure to specify your operating system (Windows 7, 32bit or 64bit, etc) and the exact name of the printer. 

How can I print from my iPad / iPod / Mobile Device?
On any device capable of running the Google Chrome browser, you can use a feature called Google Cloud Print. You may have to install Google Chrome from the app store for your mobile device. You must sign in to the browser with your username and password. Once you sign in and find the document you wish to print and click Print in Chrome, you should see a list of Cloud Printers that are available to you. After submitting the document it can take the print job 2-3 minutes to show up at the printer, so please do not print multiple times. Please note: MS Surface tablet is not capable of running the Chrome browser; we are working on alternative options for this platform.

I printed something but it is not on the printer...
Please check that the printer is online and has sufficient paper, and that you are sending your print job to the correct printer. If that doesn't work, try turning the printer off and then back on again. If the printer is busy, you may have to wait for the jobs ahead of yours to finish before your job starts.

If that doesn't fix it...
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